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Proof of Scan is a revolutionary protocol preventing digital assets from copying,
algorithm: Grid2d, deterministic finality, Layer 1 blockchain, 3DPass Coin: mineable

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3DPass for industries

3DPass opens the gateway for the cryptocurrency market to potental trillions in deals making all over the globe. Now you can transform real and virtual objects into recognizable digital assets and leverage them within useful smart contracts and dApps, having full control over its copies. The recognition of object shape combined with its additional properties (size, weight, density, clarity, owner's biometric data, etc.), allows to produce this unique sustainable identity called Hash ID, which makes 3DPass revolutionary different to any existential blockchain. Because of the Proof of Scan decentralized protocol providing the object authentication, you can use your object as NFT or mint some private backed currency the unit of which would be a quantum (1 token = gramm, kilogramm, square meter, etc.). Learn about use cases >>
3DPass allows for anyone to use 3D object as a seed data for the password or keys creation. In combination with the owner's biometric data or some additional properties, this multi-object Hash ID provides zero knowledge proof of the object authenticity, and eventually can be recovered by means of its scanning. Learn more >>
3DPass provides the oportunity for machines to assign a sustainable unique identity named HASH_ID for each real or virtual object that we could have simultaniously used in reality, as well, as on the Internet. Not only you can tokenize the object in static, but also follow its dynamics. And that would be nothing but a sequence of the object Hash IDs captured in different state, time, place and linked together on the blockchain. Learn about some cases >>