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3DPass is an OpenSource app and decentralized blockchain based p2p network

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3DPass for industries

3DPass opens the gateway for the whole cryptocurrency market to trillions deals making all over the world. Now you can transform real and virtual objects into recognizable digital assets and leverage them within smart contracts and deals, business logic and private apps. The recognition of objects shape combined with its additional properties (size, weight, density, clarity, owner's biometric data, etc.) allows for 3DPass to produce a unique sustainable identity called Hash ID, which is revolutionary diffetent to conventional NFT, learn the difference >>. Because of the novel Proof of Scan consensus providing objects authenticity check, you can use it as a single non-fungible token or mint the private backed currency the unit of which would be an object's quantum (1 token = gramm, kilogramm, square meter, etc.). Learn about some cases >>
3DPass alows anyone to use 3D objects in combination with their owner's biometric data or any additional properties as a seed for the password or keys. This multi-object Hash ID, made out of several objects which represent basically multi-authentication factors, can be recovered by means of scanning and processing the object. Learn more >>
3DPass provides the oportunity for machines to assign a sustainable unique identity named HASH_ID for each real or virtual 3D object that we simultaniously use in reality as well as on the Internet. You can tokenize an object not only in static but follow it in dynamic as well. And that would be nothing but a sequence of the object Hash IDs captured in different state, time, place and linked together on the blockchain. Learn about some cases >>