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3DPass is an OpenSource decentralized Layer 1 blockchain-based WEB 3.0 platform for the tokenization of real physical and virtual objects and its transformation into digital assets. Since the early days of 2019 we have put our mind on solving the Real world objects digital transformation challenge. The very first algorithm called Grid2d was suggested by Michael Co in 2020 and has been implemented now as pass3d recognition toolkit serving the basement of 3DPass network consensus called Proof of Scan. The main idea of 3DPass is to make it possible for people to use real world objects in digital within smart-contracts and deals and to take all advantages of that. By means of creation and implementation new recognition algorithms into our network, we are building this bridge between decentralized blockchain digital space and trillions in deals all over the globe.

Every 3D object, transformed by 3DPass, has its own unique and stable identity called HASH ID the object might be recognized by. In order to encourage users to maintain the network and to solve issues there is a cryptocurrency 3DP Coin which is also required to move the assets.

Our Team


Inventor and founder
Several exits, 16+ years experience

Michael Co

CORE developer and co-founder
10+ years experience


Front-end developer and co-founder
10+ years experience


Mobile developer

Andrew Coleman

Partner relations

A Mo

Community Representative


3DPass leverages a sophisticated self governance mechanism, which allows it to evolve gracefully overtime at the ultimate behest of its assembled stakeholders. The stated goal is to ensure that the majority of the stake can always command the network.

3DPass decentralised governance system is comprised of three main components:

  1. Council - An approval-voted, elected executive "government" to manage parameters, admin and spending proposals.
  2. Technical Committee - A technocratic committee to manage the forkless online upgrade timelines.
  3. Referenda - A general voting system for everything else which rewarded long-term stakeholders with increased influence.

The network brings together various novel mechanisms, including an amorphous state-transition function stored on-chain and defined in a platform-neutral intermediate language (i.e. WebAssembly) and several on-chain voting mechanisms such as referenda with adaptive super-majority thresholds and batch approval voting. All changes to the protocol must be agreed upon by stake-weighted referenda.

There is a Treasury pot controled by the Council, which adds to transparency, especially, when it comes to the budget spendings and grants. The funds held in the Treasury can be spent by making a spending proposal that, if approved by the Council, will enter a waiting period before distribution.

There is also the Governance token 3DPg, which serves for internal communinty needs, permissions and governance services.

Community resources

Download: Stable official release v0.1.0

Mainnet: guidelines

OS Description
Android threedpass - recognition tool and mobile wallet for smartphones
IOS coming soon
Windows 32 coming soon
Windows 64 How to run the Node with Docker | How to build the Node manualy
MAC OS X How to run the Node with Docker | How to build the Node manualy
Linux Node: poscan-consensus bin | How to run the Node with Docker | How to build the Node manualy
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