3DPass News

Mainet is launched!

We are excited to announce that we managed to launch the Ledger of Things Mainnet. Mainnet coin's unit name is P3D. Please don't be confused the testnet one which is 3DPt.

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Testnet: Welcome to test mining!

We are pleased to demonstrate Proof of Scan mining loop and welcome everyone to test it out. We appretiate every feedback that helps to improve or fix some bugs found.

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3DPass blockchain NODE has been built

We managed to implement 3D object recognition toolkit into Substrate and build the network NODE. The one alows to produce HASH ID from objects and store them on the blockchain. We started implementing Proof of Scan consensus rules, which is the final step to the testnet launch.

We also decided not to do IDO. It doesn't make sense, geven upcoming testnet launch in a month. Dive into the runway rewards program!

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