3DP Coin specification

3DP coin specification

List of 3DPass network properties.

Property Description
Coin name 3DPass Coin
Unit name P3D
Purpose Tokenization of real and virtual things and its utilization as digital assets, useful smart-contracts and dApps
Consensus Proof of Scan (Hybryd PoW + PoA GRANDPA deterministic finality)
Min unit 0.000000000001 P3D
Total supply 1 000 000 000 P3D
Network speed Target time: 60 sec per block; dynamic difficulty adjustment
GitHub https://github.com/3Dpass
API/RPC endpoint wss://rpc.3dpass.org ; wss://rpc2.3dpass.org; wss://test-rpc.3dpass.org (testnet)
Web3 wallet https://wallet.3dpass.org
Explorer Block explorer API; Mainnet telemetry server
Mining Minable
Smart contracts Smart contract tools using ink (Rust based embedded language)
Storage IPFS
Decentralization Decentralized
Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5382009.0
White Paper 3DPass_white_paper.pdf
Distribution Private sale: 6%; Mining: 72.9%; Marketing: 11%; Team: 10.1% of total supply
Road Map Road map page
Official web site https://3dpass.org/
Market cap coming soon
Licence MIT
Download Latest version
Fork Substrate - https://substrate.io